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Straps, Straps, Straps!

One of the lingerie trends for 2021 is 'lots of straps' and if you've been having a nosey at other brands you may see that they have adopted this look. Underwear has a job to do and the human body doesn't look like it is going to change shape anytime soon so, the opportunity to re-design lingerie is limited and you do what you can by adding and taking away materials. Adding was always the way the designs at Hidden Beneath were going to go, after all, it's been pretty minimal for a while and as a designer, you start to crave a challenge eventually. Designing a harness was appealing as, despite the obvious appeal to anyone who is into bondage, they're actually great layering pieces and can be worn over/with clothing so I get to visit my fashion design roots.

My harness design isn't revolutionary but it definitely is in keeping with Hidden Beneath's aesthetic. It's still minimal and makes use of our ever-popular fishnet material with added adjustable straps. I hope to lay the groundwork with this one and build upon it as part of a bit of a make-over for the cotton collection. Any feedback is welcomed and like always if there is something that you need or would like to see get in touch.

You may or may not have noticed but I've quietly dropped a few new thong designs. I like to do it quietly to test them against the analytics. Again, the new designs could be used as layering pieces and will go well with the new harness design. The next drops will be new pants. I'm currently focusing on the fishnet collection as it is the most popular but other collections will get a make-over in due course.

Experiment with your underwear!

Happy Shopping! x

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