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Happy New Year! What now?

There is so much pressure to start something new or head in a new direction at the start of a year. We know it’s not a ‘real’ feeling and it’s probably just an excuse for someone to sell you something, but the pressure is there none the less although, given what has happened over the last year the start of 2021 had a slightly different vibe to it.

2020 hit me creatively and emotionally and a bit professionally but the latter in a good way. I am so chuffed with every order I had last year (in the 100’s) and if you are one of those people who parted with your hard earned cash thank you so much for taking a chance on a small business because it means the world. I now come to a cross- roads, what’s next for Hidden Beneath? To make the business long term financially viable I must expand my offering and I have been toying with a few directions. Obviously, I have to offer more underwear which I plan to do. I wanted to offer so much more last year but covid, losing my dad and moving to a new house changed my priorities. What’s the saying? You can’t pour from an empty cup!

I have been playing around with loungewear/activewear for around a year as it feels like the more natural way to go but the more I think about it from a materials and cost point of view and how saturated the market is (cheers Skims!) the more it doesn’t seem like the best option for a small, niche independent brand.

Sex sells and my continued best sellers are from the Fishnet Collection. That tells me a couple of things, none of which are what I wanted Hidden Beneath to be but if that’s the business then I must adapt. I’ve always seen the Fishnet Collection as great gateway underwear to the more risqué stuff. I don’t think there is a body that wouldn’t look good on and it’s at a reasonable price point that is attainable, so it has great appeal for the confident and the curious. The idea of selling adult toys came up in the Summer after researching vegan/sustainable bdsm equipment. What’s holding me back is that it might change what I am doing and confuse people? I’m open to starting a new website and connecting the two. I think Coco De Mer in London has done this well, but I think it is something that it has always done but it has always been a brand that I have looked up to. I think I’m in a good position to experiment and if I don’t try, I’ll never know so watch this space!

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